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Prelims Test Series From Tathastu ICS

First and foremost, this test series seeks to accelerate your prelims preparation by covering an expansive range of material from all relevant sources (NCERTs & Key Reference books). Secondarily, all questions within this test series adhere to UPSC logic standards.

Finally, test series can assist in maintaining an appropriate level of concentration and confidence to pass an exam successfully.

Mock Tests

Holding mock IAS tests at regular intervals is an integral component of civil services preparation. Candidates can evaluate their performance, pinpoint any weak areas and strengthen them with revision of important topics, concepts and formulas. Furthermore, mock tests enable candidates to develop effective exam strategies such as prioritizing easy questions while setting aside enough time for lengthy calculations; and providing regular practice opportunities enables students to increase speed and accuracy when solving problems.

Tathastu ICS provides candidates with a premier UPSC Prelims Test Series to accurately gauge their readiness and adjust to exam day conditions. Each exam adheres closely to the exam pattern and difficulty level of actual exams while providing you with expert feedback that enhances exam skills.

Our flagship All India GS Mock Test provides an unrivaled ‘Anubhav’ experience by closely simulating the UPSC exam paper. Each question in the series reflects its quality and complexity to provide aspirants with an essential tool for evaluating their preparation level; also helping identify strengths and weaknesses so they can better plan their strategy on test day.

Our all-India open mock tests help familiarize you with the overall exam structure, question types and difficulty levels, as well as developing confidence when answering multiple choice questions. The test results offer a complete snapshot of your performance across India so you can identify areas for improvement and boost scores accordingly.

Study Material

As a pre-selection aspirant, your primary challenge lies in managing and organizing your time effectively. In order to master the ever-evolving UPSC pattern and secure success on test day, practice tests and other study material are crucial – which is where Tathastu ICS comes in; their team of former students and mentors can assist in optimizing study hours while staying calm during exam day – and will ultimately help you score well!

Tathastu ICS’ Pre-Sure Test Series is designed to add momentum to your preliminary examination preparation. Covering every aspect of UPSC exam-style questions, this series also offers subject-wise revision tests which help develop time management and an exam-like mindset.

Comprehensive study plans like this one can help you cover all areas of the syllabus thoroughly and understand difficult subjects with ease, including video explanations to ensure you don’t miss any key concepts. A test series is also essential for UPSC candidates.


Mentor guidance can make an enormous difference to your preparation. We offer fully mentor guided tests series for Prelims and Mains that can help identify any shortcomings that have prevented your selection in the past. Our mentors will discuss all of your mistakes during tests with you and offer ways to address them.

This program strives to offer a holistic approach to your prep, with carefully designed study material and tests that reflect the UPSC exam pattern. Led by experienced mentors such as former bureaucrat Dr. Tanu Jain, it stands apart from other coaching programs by its quality materials and commitment to comprehensive preparation.

The test series is tailored to cover the full syllabus, giving you a thorough coverage and understanding of topics and concepts covered within it. Furthermore, this helps develop answer writing skills as this aspect of exam takes a key part in its assessment. Questions adhere to strict logical standards while keeping within word limits so as to give an accurate reflection of what kind of answers UPSC requires from candidates.

The program includes a tailored mentoring plan designed to offer one-to-one guidance from interview-appeared mentors who have taken and passed multiple examinations of this test. It aims to enhance your preparation and help you pass Prelims without difficulty.

Test Series

A high-quality test series can help you navigate the extensive UPSC syllabus with ease, covering all topics and subtopics to avoid gaps in your preparation and providing useful supplementary materials to increase understanding and prepare more efficiently for examinations. Furthermore, good test series provide video answers to difficult questions to improve performance as well as clear any uncertainties you might be having about certain concepts or questions.

An extensive test series is essential to your UPSC Prelims success. It should include tests from all subjects and should include both micro and revision tests. Furthermore, it should follow the UPSC pattern and offer detailed analyses of your performance; while also covering current affairs comprehensively.

Another essential quality of an excellent test series is having well-crafted question papers that emphasize conceptual understanding rather than memorization. A variety of test dates is also provided to accommodate busy applicants balancing study with work obligations. Finally, such test series provide detailed performance analyses with graphic displays to assist you in pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses and enhance preparation.

Insights IAS offers an engaging and flexible test series designed to maximize scores on the UPSC prelims exam, covering key sources from NCERTs and other reference books as well as videos of expert lectures and mock exams. Their team also provide excellent support, along with online and offline classes that meet various learning styles.

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